Kumarakom Lake Resort


The Kumarakom Lake Resort is an earthy paradise apt for nature-loving destination travellers. The Kumarakom Lake Resort is spread across a blooming area filled with coconut trees and waterways. The soft breeze, palms and tender coconuts render a richly Kerala-style charm to destination wedding travellers.


The Kumarakom Lake Resort is known for its renowned cottages and stays. The early ambiance of the resort, clubbed with the naturality of the surroundings creates a magical atmosphere for a destination wedding. If you prefer a richly traditional destination wedding and want to experience Kerala hospitality in its true form, then the Kumarakom Lake Resort is the place to hold your function!


The Lake-View Wedding

The Kumarakom Lake Resort is located on the shores of the Vembanad lake, the largest freshwater lake in Kerala. This beautiful lake forms a scenic backdrop to weddings taking place at the backdrop. Lake-view weddings can be spiced up by arranging for a floating platform across the water on which the couple can say their vows. This type of a platform built across the water can create an illusion that the couple is floating across the water.

One can enjoy ‘private’ dinners for two across such a floating platform, in the light of candles and the shimmering moon. The lawn also facilitates excellent spots of pre-wedding and post-wedding photography.

Houseboat Weddings

The Kumarakom Lake Resort has five large houseboats that can be used aesthetically for destination weddings – Say your vows under the shades of a good olden lantern with the sounds of waves lapping softly against the houseboat or kettuvallom.

Or after the wedding lunch, take your family out for a spin on the quiet Vembanad waters and experience delicious traditional Kerala cuisine!

Kerala-Theme Wedding

The Kumarakom Lake Resort has numerous spots which can be used aesthetically to design mandaps. With walkways filled with hanging temple lamps, lawns and pebbles, the resort can be utilized to its fullest extent for photography and videography of the special moments of the couple.

The resort has poolsides and overbrides that can be used for pre-wedding photography shoots. Given proper ambiance lighting and flower work, these places can be transformed into wonderful spots for the couple to spend their time.

Things to do at Kumarakom Lake Resort

  • Water-Skiing.
  • Speed Boating.
  • Lounge in the Infinity Pool.
  • Kettuvallom Trips.

Banquet Halls

The Kumarakom Lake Resort as one main hall that can be used for weddings, with the seating capacity of 100 pax. The lawns of the resort can also be utilized for weddings.

Location Insights

The land of Kumarakom is one of the most happening tourist spots in Kerala due to its proximity to many nature spots. Kumarakom is lined with dancing palm trees and lapping backwaters.

Kumarakom Lake Resort is nested in the scenic beauty of the land. The Kumarakom Lake Resort is situated around 3 kilometers away from Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, a nature-lovers treasure!

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